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The Brazilian Society of Hypertension ( SBH )

Av Paulista, 2073, salas 505 – 508
São Paulo, S.P., Brazil
CEP: 01311- 300
Phones (55) (11) 32840251/ 32893279


About the Society

Aiming to spread as much knowledge as possible in hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, the Brazilian Society of Hypertension ("SBH") organizes a series of events involving doctors and health professionals as well as the general population.

In order to be updated with global trends, the Society develops several activities, with scientific background, continued medical education and social ones, to focus on awareness and prevention of high blood pressure-related risks. Among these activities are the Brazilian Guidelines for Detection, Evaluation and Treatment of High Blood Pressure and our annual scientific congress.

The latest version of Brazilian guidelines dated on 2010 is going to be updated in the next few months. As any other guideline, our purpose is to provide a guide to all health care professionals to manage this important and one of the most serious diseases among Brazilian population.

Our annual congress is held in August and at this time, we have the opportunity to recognize remarkable young investigators and give them an award. This award is intended to encourage these young investigators to continue their researches in hypertension and correlated conditions.

In an academic level, our Society strongly encourages the creation of academic leagues that will work with the whole Society in awareness and prevention of high blood pressure and targeting the general population.

Also as an educational activity, we release an online journal four times a year, always focusing a major review on hypertension topics, and several other papers of interest to the specialist, primary care physician, other health care professionals and mostly students.

However, work is not our sole action. Every year on April 26th nationwide activity known as the Brazilian Day of Hypertension. This date was regulated by a Federal Law # 10.439/2002. This is the reason why we celebrate this relevant date before the World Hypertension Day.

In this date, we have several events that alert the population on the importance to recognize this disease, be aware of its risks and potential complications and to teach them how easy is to deal with them when its aspects are known. As the society assembles experts from several areas , its own strengthening also depends on the strength and influence of the groups, which make up the various specialty societies.

Society's mission:

Our mission is to:

  • Encourage exchange information and research (basic,clinical and epidemiological ) on hypertension and cardiovascular diseases among Brazilian scientists and health professionals.
  • Encourage young scientists and physicians to conduct research in hypertension.
  • Educate physicians and health professionals on hypertension and cardiovascular disease aspects.
  • Promote the detection, control and prevention of hypertension and other cardiovascular risk factors among the Brazilian population.

In order to reach this mission, the Brazilian Society of Hypertension (SBH) has registered, given support and encouraged the formation of Multiprofessional Committees for the Detection and Treatment of High Blood Pressure in the country, with specific forums for guiding scientific events. Furthermore, the Brazilian Society of Hypertension (SBH) has become a member of the World Hypertension Organization (WHO), what means that it has access to international programs and methodologies for the detection, control and prevention of hypertension.


The Brazilian Society of Hypertension ( SBH ) was established in 1991. The process for setting up the new society started in 1983 with the Integrated Meetings on Hypertension , held every two years and organized by the Brazilian Society of Nephrology ( SBN ), Brazilian Society of Cardiology ( SBC ) and the Federation of Societies for Experimental Biology ( FESBE ), supported by the Inter-American Society of Hypertension ( IASH ) .

Based on the perception that there were some groups involved with hypertension study in these three groups of experts, the Brazilian Society of Hypertension (SBH) has emerged. In the following year, during the IX Congress of IASH, an organization committee was chosen to create the new society . It was composed by Oswaldo Ramos ( Nephrology ) , Emilio Francischetti ( Cardiology) and Eduardo M. Krieger ( FESBE ) . On August 28th, the Brazilian Hypertension Society (SBH) was officially formed.

The first president of the society was Prof. Dr. Eduardo Moacyr Krieger from the Heart Institute of the Faculty of Medicine, the University of São Paulo. After several other presidents over almost two decades, the former president was Dr. Maria Claudia Irigoyen Costa (2011-2012) and the current president is Dr.

Roberto Jorge da Silva Franco.

Our Campaigns:

The main objective of our campaigns is to make people know that hypertension is a serious condition when untreated or unknown. Nevertheless, when people are aware of this condition they can celebrate with their friends, family and others the well-being and healthy life.

Some examples of your recent themes are:

2012 Campaign:

"Family with Lower Pressure" was the new theme of the 2012 campaign of The Brazilian Society of Hypertension (SBH)

2013 Campaign:

The Brazilian Society of Hypertension (SBH) launched the new awareness campaign of the disease

2014 Campaign:

Simple as that, do you know your blood pressure?

This year, the Brazilian Society of Hypertension (SBH), in a partnership with the Department of Arterial Hypertension of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology launched the 2014 campaign, aiming to raise awareness of the importance of knowing and understanding the measurement values of blood pressure. There were free events for detection of blood pressure all over the country.

According to the organization committee, the initiative has emerged due to the number of hypertensive patients who have the disease and are unaware of it. " It is estimated that 50 % of people with hypertension do not know it , and only 25 % of people who are aware are compliant to treatment," explains Dr. Frida Plavnik , scientific director of the Brazilian Society of Hypertension and coordinator of the Campaign . "Hence the importance of encouraging the measurement of pressure regularly and making sure that people understand what that means," she explains.

Currently, hypertension reaches an average of 30 % of the Brazilian population, reaching over 50 % in the elderly and being present in 5 % of children and adolescents. In Brazil, it is responsible for 40 % of heart attacks, 80 % of strokes (cerebrovascular accidents) and 25% of all cases of end-stage renal failure. Worldwide, according to WHO, about 7 million people die every year and 1.5 billion people get sick because of it. Serious consequences from this disease can be avoided, provided that hypertensive patients know about their condition, start treating and remain in treatment.

The Brazilian Society of Hypertension (SBH) understands the utmost importance of awareness actions for population, so it has made up the traditional "Lower Pressure" Campaign. "Preventive initiatives generate more benefits and lower costs than other required interventions to control high blood pressure, for both patients and public health system ," says Dr. Roberto Franco, president of the Brazilian Society of Hypertension and adds: " Because of this , we've created a series of activities during April 26th , date on which is celebrated the National Day of Prevention and Struggle with Hypertension , in order to approach this knowledge to the population."

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